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"Sioux Stone Axe Head"
Ancient Sioux Stone Axe Head (obverse)
"Sioux Stone Axe Head"
Ancient Sioux Stone Axe Head (reverse)
"Sioux Stone Axe Head"
"Sioux Stone Axe Head"
"Sioux Stone Axe Head"
3272. Original Ancient Sioux Indian Stone Fluted Axe Head. This is a classic original heavy granite stone axe head found at Lake Traverse, MN in the 1930’s. This axe head features the fluted ring around the polished granite axe body. Such stone axes were hand-chipped by the Sioux (Dakota) Indians for centuries before iron tools were traded to them in the 1700’s and 1800’s. This outstanding example measures about 6 inches long and 4 inches tall, and about 3 inches wide at its widest point. The axe head weighs about 4 pounds. Here’s your opportunity to own a real authentic piece of Native American history. REDUCED PRICE!


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2935. Original Early U.S. Model 1881 Helmet Front Plate plus 1898-1902 Spanish-American War Veteran Plaque. This is an interesting and historic extremely fine set consisting of a larger multi-piece brass helmet plate for the 22nd New York State National Guard, and a brass plaque for 46th New York veterans of the Spanish-American War. The helmet front plate retains two of its mounting prongs, with solder marks where other prongs should be. The helmet plate measures about 4 1/2” high to the wingtip. The solid bronze plaque features blue and red enamel work and appears to be missing two mounting prongs on back.

$60 offer accepted - SOLD

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2420. Original "Womans Relief Corps" President's Badge. This is an extremely fine bronze badge with the "PRESIDENT" bar atop the ribbed powder blue ribbon. Membership of the Womans Relief Corps was made up of the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of U.S. Civil War Veterans. The reverse side of the badge is maker-marked "WENDELL, MPLS". Our price...$40.

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1930. Original Vintage Sword Hanger (for U.S. Model 1907 Sword?). This is an older well-made vintage sword hanger in very fine condition with silver-finished fittings and very fine straps. The straps appear to have tarnished bullion stripes on heavy ribbed cloth with leather backing. Both snap clips work. The straps with clips measure about 19 inches long overall. I was informed that this is a sword hanger for the U.S. Model 1907 sword, but I just don't know. Our price...$95.

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