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Original Ancestral Samurai Sword Dating from early 1700's

This is an exceptional find that came in a pile of swords I recently purchased. This original samurai sword without scabbard features a polished steel blade dating from the early 1700's, with the signed tang for noted swordsmith "Kanesada, Kyoho (1716-1736), Musashi - “Bushu-ju Kanesada”, “Kanesada", who lived in Edo’s Shinmei. The blade has no edge dings on its original very sharp edge, and a faint temperline is visible on the blade. The blade measures about 20 3/4" (excluding the copper habaki blade collar). There is some light rust freckling on blade. The buyer could have the blade professionally polished to enhance its appearance and value. The wrought iron tsuba is marked for the maker "Kishu ju Sadanaga". The tight cloth-wrapped handle with sharkskin covering has two bronze "menuki" under the wrap. There is no metal end cap to the handle. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA. Item #0318-1

Our price…$895

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