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Military Warehouse

Original Pre-1945 Nazi Relics, Japanese Relics, American War Relics,
Militaria and Other Collectibles

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  • YOU set the RETAIL PRICE you want for your item, or we can help you determine the retail price.

  • We will write the item description and photograph the item.

  • We will even pick up and help pack larger consignment collections for only our transportation expenses.

  • We deduct our commission fee from your retail price when the consignment item is sold.

  • We pay all credit card or PayPal processing fees instead of charging them to the buyer. We don't charge any "buyer's fee".

  • We charge a 35% consignment commission fee per item (minimum commission fee is $20 per item). Consignment fees are negotiable on higher priced items or larger collections.

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Military Warehouse Consignment Terms

Please call me BEFORE sending any consignment items

We charge a 35% consignment commission fee per item, with a minimum consignment commission fee of $20 per item. We deduct our commission fee from the retail price when the consignment item is sold. Please note: The customer is allowed a five-day inspection privilege when purchasing consignment item(s) through our website, through our "Auction Back-Up Program", or through our "War Relic Update Alerts" email program. Military Warehouse may, at its discretion, reduce the commission fee it charges for a consigned item at any time to help sell that item without affecting the net amount the consignor receives. We will provide free valuations of items being consigned to Military Warehouse if the consignor so requests.

If an item doesn't sell after being listed on our website for a 15-day period the item may be re-listed on our website for an additional 30-day period with a 15% reduction in the item's current retail price. Such re-pricing is subject to approval by both the consignor and Military Warehouse (unless pricing is left up to Military Warehouse). Otherwise, unsold items will be returned to the consignor.

Payment for return shipping and handling of unsold or withdrawn items returned to the consignor is the consignor's responsibility. Insurance on items consigned to Military Warehouse is the consignor's responsibility. Please do not submit reproduction items, partial reproduction items or altered items. Shipping and handling costs for return of reproduction items, partial reproduction items or items the consignee (Military Warehouse) deems not acceptable for consignment are the consignor's responsibility.

The consignor will incur a listing cancellation fee for any item the consignor withdraws from consignment if we have already begun website listing work (i.e. copy writing, photography or website layout work) on the item and it is not offered for sale. This listing cancellation fee is equal to the consignment fee Military Warehouse would have received had the consigned item sold, based on the item's retail value set by Military Warehouse. This fee covers our time and expenses for researching and writing descriptive copy, taking photographs of the item, website layout changes, plus labor involved in shipping back the item.

Anyone who sells, trades, gives or consigns to Military Warehouse any item containing any amount of precious metal must be at least 18 years old or older.

You must agree to all our Military Warehouse consignment terms before consigning any items to Military Warehouse. We DO NOT accept firearms or ammunition for consignment. We do not buy, sell, trade or accept for consignment any firearms or ammunition. We do not accept for consignment and we do not buy, sell or trade any illegal items, medical kits or medical items, U.S. police or law enforcement items, any police or law enforcement or federal badges of any kind, gravity knives, switchblade knives, cane knives, knuckle knives, restraining devices, gasmasks, flare pistols, replica guns, tobacco products, cigarette lighters, combustible items, altered coins or altered currency, counterfeit items, altered items, items with any glow-in-the-dark parts or coating, items containing mercury, dummy or inert grenades, shell casings or inert ordnance, or any ordnance items. We do not accept for consignment any coins, banknotes, currency, tokens or scrip, other U.S. obligations and securities, numismatic items, philatelic or postal items. We do not accept for consignment any items which violate our local, State and/or Federal law. We do not buy, sell or trade any items which violate our local, State and/or Federal law. We do not accept consignments from outside the United States. For further information on all our other business policies and consignment terms, please refer to "Our Legal Statement" by clicking the link to it on our Home Page.

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