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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

Nazi Relic Price Guide
Original Nazi Relics
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NSKK Motorstaffel Plaque
Nazi NSKK "MOTORSTAFFEL" Plaque. This is a scarce and attractive aluminum oval plaque with two small mounting holes. The plaque measures about 3" high and shows light wear…$125. SOLD

Iron Cross 2nd Class
Nazi Iron Cross 2nd Class
Nazi 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon. This is an outstanding example of the Iron Cross 2nd Class with a black-painted iron center and separate silver frame. It comes with a near excellent original ribbon. The Iron Cross features a high profile center swastika and almost 100% of its original black paint finish...$95. SOLD

WWI German Battle Flag
WWI Imperial German Battle Flag. Near excellent original WWI battle flag with vibrant colors. This heavy linen flag features heavy rope halyard end loops and a white halyard sleeve bearing both a cloth maker's label and stamped flag markings. The flag measures about 29 1/2" x 50"…$400. SOLD

WWII German Front Sammelstelle Armband
Nazi "Front-Sammelstelle" (Front Collection Point) Armband. This is an extremely fine example with machine-embroidered yellow lettering on a light blue cloth armband. Sewn ends. There are a few small glue resident spots inside the armband…$175. SOLD

WW2 German Canteen
Nazi Army Canteen with Bakelite Cup. This is one of the BEST examples I have offered. Outstanding undented aluminum canteen body with near excellent full brown wool covering having the three side snaps. Very nice supple black leather straps with a painted steel snap bearing a maker's marking and date "40". Near excellent black bakelite cup with maker's or issue markings on the cup bottom. Heavy aluminum screw-on canteen top is maker-coded and dated "41"…$125. SOLD

Hitler Youth Belt Buckle
Nazi Hitler Youth Belt Buckle (RZM M5/276). This is an original steel HJ belt buckle that is maker-marked "RZM M5/276" (Klein & Quenzer AG maker). The silver paint finish is present on the reverse side but is worn off the front with some very light surface rust on the front…$65. SOLD

Nazi DAF Hat Badge
Nazi DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) Labor Corps Hat Badge. This is excellent example with embroidered yellow DAF "geared wheel with swastika" emblem above oakleaves on a black cloth field with a gold-gilted metal frame. The reverse side features the RZM and other maker's markings. This badge measures about 2" high…$35. SOLD

Reichsparteitag 1938 Tinnie Badge
Nazi "Antique Copper" Finish 1938 Reichsparteitag Badge. This is an outstanding example of the desirable 1938 Reichsparteitag badge featuring a beautiful antique copper finish. This larger badge measures about 1 5/8" in diameter and is maker-marked "G. BREMMER, MARKNEUKIRCHEN" along with "RZM M9/4" on the reverse side. The badge has a horizontal mounting pin…$35. SOLD

WW2 German Medal Ribbon Bow
Nazi Medal Ribbon Bow with Nazi Eagle/Swastika Button Hole Loop. This is an outstanding and scarce item featuring a ribbon bow for the German 1914-1918 Hindenburg Cross "Next-of-Kin" medal. There is a metal button hole loop encircling the bow center, with the loop featuring an eagle/swastika emblem. The ribbon bow itself measures about 2 3/4" across. This is scarce and desirable item for the Third Reich medal collector…$75. SOLD

Gautreffen 1937 Tinnie Badge
Nazi 1937 "Gautreffen Westfalen-Nord" Bakelite Tinnie Badge. This is a near excellent badge of black bakelite with a high profile swastika design on front. The reverse side identifies the location and date of the event "GELSENKIRCHEN 25.-26. JUNI"…$35. SOLD

DDAC emblem and membership card
Nazi DDAC Automobile Club Car Emblem and Membership Card. This is a set consisting of an excellent heavy nickeled metal DDAC emblem that measures about 3 1/4" in diameter, and a near excellent member's card dated 1938 with the DDAC emblem printed on the card. This set came from a long-time collector of original Third Reich memorabilia…$95 set. SOLD

Gautag am westwall tinnie badge
Nazi 1939 "GAUTAG AM WESTWALL" Tinnie Badge. Very fine larger badge featuring profuse markings on the reverse side. This is a later solid grey metal badge. It came from a long-time collector of original Third Reich memorabilia...$35. SOLD

Nazi Luftwaffe Sleeve Patch
Nazi Luftwaffe Sleeve Patch. This is an excellent larger sleeve patch with an embroidered Luftwaffe eagle/swastika over a sword. The patch measures about 4" high…$45. SOLD

Nazi DRL Sports Badge
Nazi DRL Sports Badge
Nazi DRL Sports Badge in Bronze. This is an extremely fine example with the badge maker's markiing on the reverse side "WERNSTEIN JENA" and "DRGM 35269"...$75. SOLD

WW2 German Army Belt Buckle
Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle by RODO. This is an outstanding original example of the steel belt buckle produced by the firm of RODO with its maker's marking on buckle underside. The RODO firm also produced SS EM buckles during Third Reich. About 95% of the original dark green paint finish is present on this buckle! A superb example for your Third Reich buckle collection…$125. SOLD

WW2 German Tray
Nazi Silver-Finished Gravy Boat Base Tray. This is a near excellent and attractive example of the nicely-finished high quality tray used as a "base" tray for the gravy boat serving piece used at various formal NSDAP dinner parties and functions. The gravy boat had a similar eagle/swastika design. This tray measures about 5 1/2" in diameter and features the spread-winged eagle/swastika emblem on the front center, and the maker's marking and logo (ART. KRUPP, BERNDORF maker) on the bottom…$150. SOLD

Hitler Youth Whistle with Lanyard
Nazi Hitler Youth Whistle with Lanyard. This set consists of an extremely fine nickeled metal whistle that is attached by a snap clip to a braided white-and-green lanyard. Nice Hitler Youth item…$100. SOLD

Hitler Youth Belt Buckle RZM M4/38
Nazi Hitler Youth Belt Buckle. This is a fine heavy aluminum belt buckle with the maker's code "RZM M4/38" (Richard Sieper & Sohne maker)…$95. SOLD

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