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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

Nazi Relic Price Guide
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Nazi Deutsches Jungvolk Membership Badge

This is an extremely fine earlier Nazi DJ badge with red-and-black enamel work on the brass metal convex badge. This badge is marked on back in raised letters "GES. GESCH.".

Our price…$95

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Nazi General Assault Badge (veteran bring-back)

This is a near excellent unmarked badge with most of its original silver finish present. This badge has very nice detail, and features a vertical mounting pin on back. This badge is a “WWII veteran bring-back” from the family of Army T/4 James F. Ober (serial number 35417818), who served with the 759th Railway Operating Battalion in the African campaign, Italy, France and Germany from September 1942 to December 1945.

Our price…$125

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Nazi Red Cross Sleeve Triangle Patch

This is a near excellent machine-embroidered triangular patch with the white thread design on a dark grey cloth base. This patch was authorized on January 1938 for wear on the DRK service tunic and greatcoat. The patch measures about 4 1/2" wide.

Our price…$50

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Nazi Organization Todt Truppführer's Armband

This is a very fine original "BeVo weave" pattern armband with an embroidered black thread "Org. Todt" and an eagle/swastika on the grey linen armband. There is a single red rank stripe machine-sewn onto the bottom edge. A stamped unit numeral "884" is crossed out next to the eagle/swastika. This armband has its ends machine-sewn together, with "BEVO WUPPERTAL" embroidered next to the back seam. Slight edge wear and light stains but no holes or tears. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA.

Our price…$250

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Nazi Tank Assault Badge in Silver

This is a very fine original badge featuring a slightly convex shape with a semi-recessed back. This unmarked badge has nice detail, and features a steel vertical mounting pin and a brass catch.

Our price…$250

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WWII German Soldier's "Erkennungsmarke" or Dogtag

This is a very fine zinc metal WWII German soldier's "dogtag" for a member of the 2nd Infantry Reserve Battalion. This item came from an old collection.

Our price…$45

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Nazi Battle Flag with Halyard Rope

This is a NEAR MINT Reich battle flag with brilliant colors and featuring the heavy halyard rope with loop ends. This flag was carefully stored in a closed plastic bag for decades. The flag has no mothing, stains or other problems. The flag's white halyard sleeve is maker-marked "Lorenz Summa Söhne Oberkotzau" with the size marking "Kr. Fl. 80 x 135". The flag has reinforced corner patches, and reinforcement edge stitching. This flag measures about 29" x 53" which is a nice smaller size to display with your WWII relic collection. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA.

Our price…$350

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Nazi Silver Wound Badge Marked "L/53"

This is an extremely fine solid badge with the silver finish turned to even grey finish. This badge bears the LDO maker's code "L/53" (Hymmen & Co., Ludenscheid maker).

Our price…$65

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Nazi Army EM Combat Belt Buckle by RODO

This is a fine steel belt buckle showing honest wear to the painted finish, giving the buckle "character". This belt buckle is marked to the very desirable maker "RODO" by the catch loop.

Our price…$70

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WWI German "Shrapnel" Letter Opener

This is a near excellent heavy steel letter opener fashioned from the shrapnel of an Artillery shell. This letter opener measures about 9 3/4" long and has the polished steel iron cross design. The handle still shows the impressed artillery shell band.

Our price…$45

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Original 1888 Bavarian Shooting Associations Anniversary Medal with Ornate Bezel

This is an extremely fine high quality larger die-struck silver medal featuring the likeness of Prinzregent Luitpold von Bayern (Bavaria) on one side, and an angel with a target and Munich countryside scene on the other side. This medallion measures about 2" across excluding the ornate silver bezel that features a horizontal mounting pin.

Our price…$45

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Nazi Iron Cross 1st Class

This is an extremely fine nice quality unmarked Iron Cross featuring a magnetic iron center with almost all its original black finish present. The silvered frame has a nice age patina. The reverse side features a tapered vertical mounting pin.

Our price…$215

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Nazi 1935 WHW Porcelain Medallion by Meissen

This is an excellent white porcelain medallion with gold-gilt circular inscription for the 1935 Winterhilfswerk. The obverse center design features a raised eagle/swastika above the porcelain maker's "crossed swords" logo for the famed Meissen porcelain works. A brass metal mounting pin frame covers part of the reverse side.

Our price…$45

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Nazi 1941 RADwJ Maidenführerin Rank Brooch

This is a near excellent higher ranking brooch dated "41" (1941) on the reverse side, along with a maker's marking and RADwJ (Reichsarbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend) marking. This brooch is die-struck zinc with a convex shape and having a "rope design" border. It measures about 1 3/4" in diameter. There is a horizontal mounting pin and plate on back.

Our price…$110

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Nazi Five-Ribbon Bar with Two Metal Devices

This is a fine ribbon bar featuring ribbons for the 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class, War Service Cross with Swords, Police Long Service Medal with Device, etc. The medal bar has a zinc stiffener plate, and hand-stitched yellow felt backing with horizontal mounting pin. This is the smaller version measuring about 3" in length. Slight age soiling to ribbons.

Our price…$40

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Nazi State Service Armband with Inkstamp

This is an extremely fine deep yellow cloth "Nicht-Wehrmachtangehörige" armband with an embroidered black thread stylized eagle/swastika. This armband has its ends machine-sewn together, with the reverse featuring an eagle/swastika inkstamp with the inscription "heeresdienststelle" (service to the military). There are no holes or tears to this armband.

Our price…$85

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Nazi "AFRIKA" Cuff Title

This is a near excellent full-length (18 1/4" overall) camelhair cuff title with the silver/grey thread lettering "AFRIKA" embroidered onto the light brown cuff title. The upper and lower edges are bordered with silver/grey stripes that are machine-sewn onto the cuff title. This cuff title was instituted as a campaign award in January 1943.

Our price…$275

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Nazi SA Oberscharführer Collar Tab

This is a near excellent black wool collar tab for the SA "Niederrhein" Group. This tab features a metal pip with one prong, two white embroidered stripes and golden/yellow piping. The buckram stiffener is visible on the reverse side.

Our price…$50

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Nazi Reichsbahn Collar Tab Set

This is a nice set of two different Reichsbahn collar tabs, both having the grey metal insignia mounted onto the black wool tab. One tab has twisted golden bullion piping.

Our price…$60 set

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Nazi Army Officer's Dagger by WKC with Scarce Simulated Ivory Grip

This is an "out-of-the-woodwork" find I just received. This Army officer's dagger features all grey fittings with matching undented pebbled steel scabbard. What's unusual is this dagger features the scarce and desirable "simulated ivory" grip having the design striations of simulated ivory. The grip rates very fine with no chips and a thin hairline surface crack. The dagger has an unsharpened blade with a straight pointed tip and the WKC "knight's head" logo on the ricasso. The dagger blade shows some surface spotting from improper storage, but no rust pits. The original leather blade washer is present. The pebbled steel scabbard has its original single throat screw present. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA.

Our price…$395

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Nazi SA Sports Armband with RZM Tag

This is a near excellent SA sports armband featuring its original paper RZM issue tag still affixed inside the armband. The armband has its ends machine-sewn together.

Our price…$75

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Nazi Hitler Youth Armband

This is an original multi-piece armband with the ends machine-sewn together. The black center swastika is embroidered onto the white cloth diamond, that is machine-sewn onto the red armband featuring an embroidered white center stripe. There are some stains and a few small holes.

Our price…$70

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Nazi Police Sport Shirt Eagle Patch

This is a larger embroidered patch for the Police sports shirt. This patch measures about 7 1/4" high x 8 1/2" wide and features a dark green thread police eagle with black swastika machine-embroidered onto a large white ribbed cloth patch. The patch has been edge-folded for sewing onto the shirt. Just light aging with no holes or tears. Ideal item for display with Nazi Police collection.

Our price…$85

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Nazi DAF Sleeve Insignia with RZM Tag

This is a near excellent wool patch with an aluminum metal DAF "swastika within cogged wheel" device attached. This insignia has a buckram stiffener, and has the original paper RZM tag still attached.

Our price…$65

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Nazi "L.S. Warndienst" Air Raid Warning Service Cuff Title

This is a near excellent machine-woven green cuff title with the embroidered light grey lettering "L.S. Warndienst" (Luftschutz Air Raid Warning Service). This cuff title measures about 15 3/4" long. There is some light tape adhesive on the ends. No holes or tears.

Our price…$110

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Nazi "St. Louis" HAPAG Cruise Ship Tally Ribbon Section

This is a near excellent 8 1/2" embroidered tally ribbon section for a crewmember's hat aboard the Motorschiff "St. Louis". In 1939 the "St. Louis" was the German ocean liner that carried more than 900 Jewish refugees from Germany intending to escape Nazi persecution. Known as the "Voyage of the Damned", this ship and its refugees were turned away from the United States and Canada. The refugees were then returned to Europe. Historians estimate about 1/4 of the passengers were later rounded up and killed in Nazi death camps in one of the more despicable events of WWII.

Our price…$475

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Nazi DAF Skiwart Patch

This is a near excellent scarcer large patch for wear on a ski sports attendant's shirt or blazer. This patch features a machine-embroidered DAF "swastika within cogged wheel" emblem above the embroidered word "Skiwart" (Ski Attendant). The patch measures about 4" high by 3" wide. There is some light tape residue on back from being mounted on a display board. A scarce and desirable patch.

Our price…$95

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Nazi Afrika Korps Cuff Title

This is an excellent full length (16 1/2") cuff title featuring the machine-woven Latin script "AFRIKAKORPS" in silver/aluminum flat wire onto the dark green center stripe, with silver/aluminum edge trim and tan cloth upper and lower borders. This cuff title was authorized in July 1941.

Our price…$210

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Nazi Adolf Hitler Bust by Emil Hub with Capture Paper

This is an outstanding and rare Adolf Hitler bust signed by the noted German sculptor Emil Hub. This grey-finished bust is constructed of a heavy stone-like material and weighs about 6 1/2 lbs. The bust measures about 8 5/8" high. There are a few small dings and edge chips, but no significant damage. This bust comes with its original WWII G.I.'s "capture paper" listing it as "1 statue of Hitler". The capture paper is dated "2 May 1945" to a PFC Glenn M. Claussen of the 3rd Infantry Division, Artillery. The sculptor, Emil Hub (1876-1954), was noted for producing Hitler busts and other sculptures in various materials.

Our price…$850

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Nazi RADwJ Sports Shirt Patch

This is a near excellent larger BeVo weave embroidered patch for the sports shirt of the female youth members of the RADwJ (Reichsarbeitsdienst der weibliche Jugend) Labor Corps. This patch measures about 6 1/4" x 5 1/4" and has no holes or tears. The patch bears the embroidered "RADwJ within triangle" symbol along with "GES. GESCH." and "BEVO".

Our price…$35

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Nazi Hitler Youth Belt Buckle by Richard Sieper und Söhne, Lüdenscheid (veteran bring-back)

This is an original heavy aluminum Hitler Youth belt buckle that shows honest wear which gives it "character". This buckle is marked with the maker's RZM code "M4/38" (Richard Sieper und Söhne, Lüdenscheid maker). This buckle is a “WWII veteran bring-back” from the family of Army T/4 James F. Ober (serial number 35417818), who served with the 759th Railway Operating Battalion in the African campaign, Italy, France and Germany from September 1942 to December 1945.

Our price…$65

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