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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

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Original Nazi Relics
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"Luftwaffe Visor Hat"
Nazi Luftwaffe Flak Artillery EM/NCO Visor Hat. This is an outstanding "named" visor hat that still has the original owner's paper name tag in the celluloid sweat diamond tag slot. Near excellent heavy blue grey wool hat body with red piping and black ribbed hat band. Polished black hard fibre visor and black patent leather chinstrap with double metal buckles. Metal front Luftwaffe eagle/swastika and cockade insignia. The hat features the maker's name, date (1937) and size marking under the celluloid sweat diamond. The sweat diamond is missing one chipped edge piece. The leather sweatband shows some honest wear and a split but is complete…$495. SOLD

"WW2 German Battle Flag"
Nazi Battle Flag with Rope Halyard. This is an outstanding NEAR EXCELLENT large battle flag with vibrant colors. The flag measures about 6' 1" x 10' 4" and is the printed double-sided variety having a tilted swastika design in the center with horizontal and vertical lines, and an Iron Cross design in the upper corner. The complete heavy rope halyard is present with one long end and one looped end. The heavy white cloth halyard sleeve is nicely marked with "Kriegsflg. 200x335" and the maker's logo. The flag features reinforcement stitching on the edges and reinforcement patches next to the halyard sleeve. An outstanding flag…$595. SOLD

"WW2 German Fire Police Helmet"
Nazi M1934 Fire Police Helmet with Liner and Chinstrap. This is an original black-painted Fire Police helmet with most of both decals present (see photos above). The aluminum helmet shell appears practically undented and has had the polished aluminum comb removed leaving the unplugged mounting holes. It was a common practice to remove the aluminum combs during the Nazi period. There is some aging and flaking to the original black paint finish. The helmet features its original black leather chinstrap and brown leather liner with drawstring and top pad. There is some rust to the iron buckle on the chinstrap…$195. SOLD

"WW2 German Army Belt Buckle"
Nazi Army EM Belt Buckle. This is a very nice heavy aluminum combat belt buckle that shows honest wear and has "character". Most of the original green paint finish has worn off. There is no maker marking on this buckle…$60. SOLD

"WW2 German Luftwaffe Base Badge"
Nazi-Era Worker's Badge for Luftwaffe Airbase at Eschwege. This is an original larger heavy grey metal worker's badge with stamped serial number. The Luftwaffe airbase at Eschwege, Germany (Fliegerhorst Eschwege) was captured in early April 1945 by U.S. forces and later used as a displaced persons camp until 1949. The badge measures about 2" in diameter…$55. SOLD

"WW2 German Wehrmacht Canteen"
Nazi Wehrmacht Canteen with Cup. This is a nicely marked canteen with an undented aluminum body and a near excellent brown wool covering with closing snaps. The cup has the original enamel paint finish (green on the outside and red on the inside) that shows wear and surface rust. There are various stamped markings on the canteen along with an issue marking on the long leather strap. The canteen cap has the initials "EH" scratched onto the cap…$65. SOLD

"Luftwaffe Pilots Flight Log Book"
Nazi Luftwaffe Flugbuch Pilot's Flight Log. This is one of the best examples of a WWII German flight log I have ever offered. The Flugbuch covers the period from September 1936 through September 1941, and is literally loaded with page-after-page of flying missions for "Herbert Heinz Fuchs", who served as both a pilot and co-pilot on numerous missions. Fuchs flew as the pilot or co-pilot on a variety of Nazi planes, including the Ju-52, He-111, Do-17, Ju-86 and Fw-44 and others. He participated in the paratroop drop of Fallschirmjaeger troops on Crete (the Heraklion and Maleme airfields) in May 1941. The Flugbuch itself is in extremely fine condition with many clear mission entries and notations of various types of flight training undertaken by Fuchs. This Flugbuch would be a great addition to any advanced Luftwaffe collectio …$275. SOLD

"Photo of Downed WWII German Airplane"
"Luftwaffe Airplane Part"
Larger Photo of Downed Nazi Planes plus Metal Fragment. This set includes an older black-and-white photo featuring two destroyed Nazi airplanes. The photo measures about 8" x 10" on heavier paper stock and would be excellent for framing. Along with the photo comes a twisted metal fragment. I purchased this set together from a fellow who said the metal fragment came from a downed WWII German airplane. The fragment measures about 2 1/4" at its widest point…$65 set. SOLD

"WW2 German SA Dagger Hanger"
Nazi SA Dagger Hanger with Grip "Snap" Loop. These are two separate brown leather items, with the dagger hanger having a working nickeled spring clip and nickeled buckle. The separate grip "snap" loop is complete and functional. Both pieces show some honest leather wear…$85. SOLD

"WW2 German Shooting Association Badge"
"WW2 German Shooting Association Badge 6b"
Nazi Shooting Association Sewn-On Metal Badge. This is a near excellent gold-finished metal badge with the Nazi Sports eagle/swastika above a target. This badge measures about 1" high and has four corner holes for sewing the badge on. I don't know much else about this particular badge...$25. SOLD

"WW2 German Deutsches Frauenwerk Badge"
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Nazi "Deutsches Frauenwerk" Member's Badge. This is a high quality silver-finished metal badge with red-and-black enamel work. There are a few chips or scratches in the black enamel (see photos above). The badge measures about 1 1/4 inches high and features the RZM M1/72 maker's code on the reverse side...$20. SOLD

"WW2 German Denazified Badge"
WWII German "De-Nazified" Earlier Nickeled Nazi Silver Wound Badge. This is an outstanding example of a "de-Nazified" silver wound badge (the swastika has been ground off). The badge is the very desirable heavier silver-finished brass variety with the maker's code marking "30" on the reverse side. This is a superb example for those who collect "de-Nazified" badges and daggers…$35. SOLD

"WW2 German Field Police Shoulder Strap-6a"
"WW2 German Field Police Shoulder Strap 6b"
Nazi Field Police Officer's Slip-On Shoulder Strap. This is an excellent example featuring silver/aluminum cording with brown piping atop an orange wool base cloth and button strap…$19. SOLD

"WW2 German Deutsches Frauenwerk Badge 6a"
Nazi Later War "Deutsches frauenwerk" Member's Badge. This is a later war painted variety on a grey metal badge. The badge rates very fine and features RZM maker's code markings on the back side along with a horizontal mounting pin. The badge measures about 1 1/4 inches high…$20. SOLD

"WW2 German 1933 Tinnie Badge 6a"
Nazi-Era 1933 "Tinnie" Badge. This is an interesting brass badge with the Iron Cross and German helmet design. I just purchased this item from a local fellow who inherited a number of WWII German relics from a WWII veteran relative.…$15. SOLD

"WWI German Next of Kin Honor Cross"
"WWI German Next of Kin Honor Cross 6b"
German 1914-1918 "Next-of-Kin" Hindenburg Cross Medal. This is a superb example with the metal cross having its original deep black finish. The medal is maker-marked "D & Co." on the reverse side. Near excellent original ribbon…$30. SOLD

"WW2 German 1935 Bakelite Tinnie Badge"
Nazi 1935 Bakelite Badge Stickpin. This is an extremely fine heavy brown bakelite badge stickpin with the badge section measuring about 1 1/2" in diameter. The badge features the circular inscription "Reichsmutterdienst im Deutschen Frauenwerk, Muttertag 1935"…$20. SOLD

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