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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

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Original Nazi Relics
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Nazi Army NCO Tunic Breast Eagle

This is an excellent high quality breast eagle featuring silver/aluminum flat wire embroidered eagle/swastika on the green patch with a darker green wool backing.

Our price…$50

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WWI German Kampfmesser Trench Knife with Scabbard

This is a fine example of the WWI German fighting knife. It features attractive grooved wood grip panels having no cracks or chips. The polished steel blade rates extremely fine and shows no edge dings or edge sharpening. The steel crossguard still retains most of its original black paint finish. The undented steel scabbard retains about 70% of its original black paint finish. The black leather belt loop is riveted onto the scabbard. This model has the steel-buckled leather closing strap. The leather belt loop and closing strap show typical age and wear.

Our price…$250

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Nazi Kriegsmarine-Marked State Service Flag with Halyard Loops

This is a near excellent flag with vibrant colors and featuring the horizontal "static" swastika in the center, and the eagle/swastika in the upper corner on each side. This flag measures about 37" x 63" which is ideal for display with your collection. This flag is printed and double-sided on cotton cloth, with a white halyard rope sleeve machine-sewn onto the flag. The heavy halyard rope features looped ends. The halyard sleeve bears the ink-stamped maker's marking "KRESS St. Tönis", and the Kriegsmarine "eagle/swastika-over-M" marking along with "Reichsdflg. 1.0 x 1.7". The flag has sewn-on reinforcement patches next to the halyard sleeve, and reinforcement machine-stitching along the long edges.

Our price...$385

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Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by Eickhorn with Portapee

This is an outstanding near excellent Army Officer's dagger by the famed Carl Eickhorn firm of Solingen. This dagger exhibits the high quality manufacture that Eickhorn is noted for. The dagger features all nickeled fittings and a gleaming steel blade with almost all its original cross-graining present. The blade has no edge nicks or dings, and features a nice straight pointed tip. The famous Eickhorn "seated squirrel with sword" logo is acid-etched on the blade ricasso. The original leather blade washer is present. The near excellent solid celluloid grip is a nice even yellow color. An excellent silver/aluminum portapee is tied to the handle. The undented nickeled steel scabbard is a beauty and has its original single throat screw present. A superb Eickhorn dagger.

Our price…$580

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WWII FFI (French Resistance Forces) Serial Numbered Beret Badge

This is a very fine silver-finished brass badge bearing the artist's name "Artus Bertrand, Paris" and stamped serial number "13907". This badge has a horizontal mounting pin attaching the badge to a leather fob. This badge was worn by the 10th Infantry Division of the French Army that was formed in October 1944 from the FFI forces of the Paris region.

Our price...$55

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Nazi Hitler Plaque NSDAP Non-Portable Award

This is a near excellent cast iron "Führer" plaque with a dark antiqued finish and the maker's name "Adolf Trumpf - Hannover" on the reverse side. This plaque bears the raised Hitler quotation that translates "The prerequisite for action is the will and the courage to be truthful". The plaque alone measures about 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" and has a metal loop on the back for hanging on the wall. This plaque comes with a near excellent plaque case that appears to be fitted for a very slightly smaller plaque (I'm not sure if the case belongs with this plaque, but that's how I received the item from the veteran's family). This plaque and case have been in the veteran’s family for many years, and was stored in a large wooden chest until I purchased it.

Our price...$295

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Nazi Transitional Hitler Youth Knife with Motto by Puma

This is a fine example of the transitional HJ knife having both the Puma maker's logo and the "RZM M7/27 1938" markings on the blade. The blade features the full "Blut und Ehre!" acid-etched Hitler Youth motto. There are several blade edge dings from knife "horseplay", but the blade is otherwise very fine with no edge sharpening. The original leather blade washer is present. The black checkered grip panels rate excellent, with the enameled HJ diamond inset having no cracks or chips. The chromed metal handle fittings rate extremely fine. The steel scabbard retains about 80% of its original glossy paint finish. The supple black leather belt loop and strap rate extremely fine. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA.

Our price...$450

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