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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

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Original Nazi Relics
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Nazi SA SA Competition Day Badge

This is near excellent larger solid aluminum badge that measures about 1 3/4 inch in diameter. This badge features a front design of the SA sports badge, and is maker-marked on the reverse side. This badge was part of a World War II veteran's grouping of original World War II war relics. The father, a World War II veteran, passed this item on to his two sons. The item has been stored in a large wooden chest until I purchased it.

Our price…$50

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Nazi Panzer Assault Badge in Silver by Adolf Scholze

This is a very fine badge with a tarnished silver finish, and having the maker's raised initials "A.S." (Adolf Scholze maker) on the reverse side. A vertical nickel mounting pin is on the reverse side. This badge was purchased directly from the family of the WWII veteran who brought it back as a war souvenir. The veteran’s son found it with a group of WWII German war souvenirs when cleaning out his late father’s closet.

Our price…$195

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Nazi Kriegsmarine Officer's Dress Dagger by F.W. Holler

This dagger features an excellent bright nickeled steel blade with a sharp straight tip and no edge dings. The blade features the acid-etched maker's logo "F.W. Holler, Solingen" on the ricasso. The original leather blade washer is present. The ivory-colored celluloid grip is excellent with tight copper springy wire grip wrap. The lovely undented steel scabbard retains much of its gold wash finish. Both original scabbard screws are present. The crossguard locking button is present and functional. However, both the original crossguard and pommel are the late war grey metal types, and both have somehow cracked apart and been glued together again.

Our price…$450

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Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by WKC

This is an outstanding dagger with an excellent deep orange celluloid grip that has no chips or cracks. This earlier high quality dagger has all nickeled fittings with a nice even age patina throughout. The near excellent nickeled scabbard is straight with no dents and matching age patina. The plated steel blade rates extremely fine with a few surface spots and typical light scratches. The blade is unsharpened and has a straight tip. The WKC "knight's head" logo is on the blade ricasso. The original leather blade washer is present. Attached to the scabbard hanger ring is an original hanger clip.

Our price…$450

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Nazi Army M40 Single Decal Helmet with Partial Liner

This is a completely original M40 combat helmet and is what we call a "barn find". This undented helmet has surface rust from poor storage over its original dark green combat paint finish. The original Wehrmacht eagle/swastika decal is present and rates about 80%. The original leather liner shows much age and is partially present. Someone years ago attached a steel hanging chain to the two original rectangular chinstrap attachment loops. This helmet is uncleaned and might improve with a nice gentle cleaning.

Our price…$275

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Nazi Political Leader's Visor Hat (Ortsgruppe Level) with RZM Tag

This is a very fine 1939 pattern visor hat featuring the gold-gilt metal Political eagle/swastika insignia above the gold-gilt oakleaf wreath and separate swastika cockade button. This hat has the two pebbled gold-gilt chinstrap buttons but not the chinstrap. The hat body is an extremely fine brownish/tan whipcord-weave with no mothing, tears or holes. The hat has the velvet brown hat band with no significant problems. The blue "Orts Level" piping does have mothing, which is typical for some reason on these hats. The hat interior has an extremely fine brown leatherette sweat band under which is the oilcloth RZM tag. The gold satin cloth lining rates near excellent.

Our price…$525

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Nazi Luftwaffe Officer's Sword by SMF with Hanger and Waffenamt

This original Luftwaffe sword features a near mint 26 1/4" chromed steel blade with the SMF "seated king" logo on the ricasso along with the desirable waffenamt marking. The original blue leather blade washer is present. The aluminum hilt fittings rate fine with most of the golden finish on the swastikas present and a few typical scuffs. The blue leather grip is complete with its tight springy aluminum double-wire grip wrap. There are scuffs and surface wear spots on the grip leather. The scabbard is straight and undented with extremely fine matched aluminum fittings and a nice blue leather hanger still attached. The pebbled blue leather scabbard covering does show some scuffs and small tears. The top scabbard fitting is stamped "40" by the throat. All four original scabbard screws are present.

Our price…$725

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Nazi SA Dagger Dated 1940 with RZM M7/66 Maker's Code

This is an extremely fine SA dagger featuring a lovely unsharpened blade with a straight sharp tip and most of its cross-graining present. No edge dings on the blade. The blade has a nice sharp frosted "Alles fur Deutschland" motto, and has the RZM maker's code "M 7/66 1940" (Carl Eichorn, Sollingen maker). The shaped brown wood grip rates near excellent with a nickel eagle/swastika inset and no chips on the brown enameled SA rune button. The pommel nut has some finish browning. The undented scabbard body retains about 95% of its original brown paint finish. The nickel scabbard fittings are undented and have all four original scabbard screws present. Some finish wear on the scabbard ring.

Our price…$525

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Nazi NSKK Sleeve Eagle with "Old Fighters" Chevron

This is a near excellent larger NSKK patch featuring the "Old Fighter's" chevron for wear with the wool tunic. This patch has the bevo weave style silver flat wire embroidery on the brown wool backing. This patch was purchased directly from the family of the WWII veteran who brought it back as a war souvenir. The  veteran's son found it with a group of WWII German war souvenirs when cleaning out his late father’s closet.

Our price…$110

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Nazi Red Cross EM Hewer

This is a very fine Red Cross EM hewer with the heavy steel blade having the saw-back blade top edge. This hewer has near excellent black grip panels and nice chromed pommel and crossguard fittings. The crossguard langet features the Nazi Red Cross emblem. This hewer is marked "GES. GESCHUTZ" under the back langet. The original leather blade washer is present. There is very slight sharpening on the blade edge. The extremely fine steel scabbard body appears to have a black repainted finish. All four original scabbard screws are present. There are no dents on the scabbard fittings.

Our price…$425

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Nazi 1940 General Gouvernement Krakau Commemorative Postal Cover

This is a very fine 1940 special postal cover issued by the Nazi occupation general government in Kraków Poland. The three postage stamps honor the Germans who lived in Poland. Two special cancellation marks mark the one-year anniversary of the general government. Light edge crease not affecting the stamps.

Our price…$25

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Nazi Luftwaffe EM Signals Peaked Visor Hat by Dietrich Müller

This is a very fine private purchase Luftwaffe peaked visor hat with a near excellent blue/grey cloth body. The "burnt orange" color piping for Signals has some scattered small moth nips. The hat has a black, patent leather chinstrap with black-painted clips and sliding length adjustment buckles. This smaller-sized hat has a black ribbed cloth hat band rating near excellent. The front metal insignia rate near excellent. The front hard black visor also rates near excellent with a protective edge strip machine-sewn onto the visor. The golden yellow inner lining is complete, and has the clear celluloid sweat diamond with the hat maker's name "Dietrich Müller, Kladow, Kladower Damm 387". The sweat diamond has a couple small cracks and small edge chip. The leather sweat band is complete and supple with some sweat stains. A superb hat by a scarcer maker.

Our price…$165

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Nazi Red Cross "Aachen-Stadt 1" Sleeve Eagle/Swastika Triangle Patch

This is an extremely fine embroidered grey rayon triangular patch with a machine-woven eagle/swastika in silver/grey threads. The eagle is positioned above the machine-woven Red Cross location "Aachen-Stadt 1". This patch has an embroidered silver/grey thread border stripe. This patch appears to have been removed from a tunic, and has one small moth hole on the backside grey wool backing. This patch was purchased directly from the family of the WWII veteran who brought it back as a war souvenir. The veteran’s son found it with a group of WWII German war souvenirs when cleaning out his late father’s closet.

Our price…$110

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WWI German Black Wound Badge

This is a very fine stamped brass badge with a high profile German helmet superimposed on the crossed swords. Most of the original black paint finish is present. A brass vertical mounting pin is on back. This type badge was worn by Adolf Hitler for wounds he sustained during his WWI service. This badge is a “WWII veteran bring-back” purchased from the family of retired Army Master Sergeant James F. Ober (serial number 35417818), who served with the 759th Railway Operating Battalion in the African campaign, Italy, France and Germany from September 1942 to December 1945. Sgt. Ober was wounded during the war by shrapnel while on a train, according to a relative.

Our price…$30

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Nazi Early Hitler Youth Knife by Anton Wingen Jr.

This is an early example of the Hitler Youth Knife with the Anton Wingen Jr. maker's logo stamped onto the blade. The blade shows edge sharpening and surface scratches with the "Blut und Ehre!" motto barely visible. The handle fittings are nice, with the black checkered grip panels intact. There is the usual small gap between the grip panels and the pommel and crossguard. The leather blade washer is missing. The Hitler Youth enameled diamond grip inset is complete. The undented steel scabbard is missing almost all its black paint. The original black leather belt loop and strap show wear with one scabbard rivet missing.

Our price…$240

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Nazi Panzer "Skull" Collar Tab Insignia

This is an excellent unissued aluminum "skull" insignia with fine detail. All three mounting prongs are present.

Our price…$40

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Nazi Red Cross EM Hewer with Leather Frog

This is an outstanding Red Cross hewer with an extremely fine nickel-plated  pommel and crossguard, and excellent detail to the Nazi Red Cross emblem on the obverse langet. The black bakelite grip plates are near excellent with no cracks or chips. The sawtooth blade is near excellent with much cross-graining present. The blade ricasso is marked “GES. GESCHÜTZT”, and the blade is complete with its black leather blade washer. The extremely fine steel scabbard retains about 95% of its original glossy black paint finish. The extremely fine black leather frog is marked on the reverse side with a large "D" and small numeral "22".

Our price…$595

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