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Nazi-Era Reichsbahn EM Belt Buckle

This is an early Nazi-era (circa 1934) pebbled nickel EM belt buckle with brass catch loop and steel sizing roller and prongs. This very fine scarcer belt buckle may have had a painted grey finish, with traces still present on the reverse side. Our price…$150 SOLD

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Nazi Army Officer's Dress Dagger by Eickhorn

This is the very desirable earlier Eickhorn dress dagger with all nickel fittings and pebbled scabbard having a lovely deep age patina finish. The celluloid grip is near excellent with a nice deep orange color. The scabbard is undented with its original throat screw. The blade features the desirable Eickhorn "squirrel" logo and is straight with a nice tip. The blade has surface freckling throughout and some light scratches near the tip end. The original leather blade washer is still present. FREE SHIPPING. Our price…$425 SOLD

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Nazi Army Officer's Bullion Visor Hat Eagle

This is an extremely fine high quality peaked visor hat eagle with the heavy silver/aluminum bullion eagle embroidered onto the dark green wool base. This insignia appears to have been removed from an officer's visor hat. Our price…$45 SOLD

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Nazi Waffen-SS "Osttürkischer" Cuff Title. This is a near excellent cuff title as worn by Waffen-SS volunteers from Eastern Turkey. This BeVo woven cuff title has no holes, tears or worn spots. Just one very light small stain next to the bottom edging. This cuff title measures about 17 3/8" long. Our price…$250 SOLD

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Original Nazi Silver Wound Badge Marked "92"

This is an outstanding earlier solid wound badge with the desirable maker's code marking "92" (Josef Rucker & Sohn, Gablonz maker). This badge has a lovely frosted silver finish and features a vertical steel mounting pin.

Our price...$95

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Original Nazi Reichs Battle Flag with Halyard Rope

This is an outstanding near excellent battle flag with vibrant colors and no significant problems. This battle flag features reinforced corner patches and reinforcement machine-sewn edge stitching. A white cloth halyard sleeve is machine-sewn onto the flag, with a heavy halyard rope present with loops on both ends. The halyard sleeve is stamped with the maker's marking, flag type and size "LOH. KR-FL.100x170". The flag size is about 35" x 64", an ideal size for displaying with your military collection.

Our price…$385

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Original Nazi 1933 "Das Neue Reich" Cigarette Card Album

This is an outstanding and complete album from the earliest days of the Nazi regime. This album contains all 156 photograph-like images individually and neatly mounted in the large format soft-cover album. The album itself measures about 9 1/2" x 13 1/2". There is one small edge tape repair on the lower left cover edge. This 62-page album features a raised embossed swastika-within-wreath on the cover, and includes many historic images of early Nazi party leaders and events.

Our price...$110

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Original Nazi "SS-Polizei Regt. 22" Letter dated 19. Juli 1943

This is a very historic letter with envelope sent by an SS-Polizei Regiment 22 member to his family. The return address appears to be "Stabsarzt v. Pol. Dr. Golder Waschaw Ci, Postfach 41. SS-Polizei Regt. 22.". The SS-Polizei Regt. 22 helped crush the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during April-May 1944. This envelope bears an inkstamp for "Polizei-Regiment 22" and several postmarks. The envelope is marked on front "SS-Feldpost" and addressed to a "Frau Golder". The handwritten in ink letter covers both sides of the 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" sheet. I haven't translated the letter as it is written in German script. A very historic item.

Our price...$95

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Original Nazi General Assault Badge

This is an example of the later war grey metal badge with the nickel mounting pin. This badge features a recessed reverse side.

Our Price…$95

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Original Nazi "Prinz Eugen" Pattern Sword by Eickhorn with Knot

This is an outstanding original example of the desirable "Prinz Eugen" Eickhorn pattern Nr. 1765 sword as worn by both Army and some Waffen-SS officers. This sword features the gold-finished alloy hilt with a raised eagle/swastika on the pommel and a spread-winged eagle/swastika on the crossguard. The lovely 31 7/8" nickeled steel blade is unsharpened with no edge dings and a nice straight pointed tip. The original leather blade washer is present. The "seated squirrel" maker's logo for the Carl Eickhorn firm appears on the blade ricasso. The excellent black celluloid grip features tight triple wire grip wrap. The original sword knot is present with leather splits near the crossguard. The undented steel scabbard retains both its original throat screws and almost 100% of its glossy black paint finish (may have been refinished, but I can't tell). All in all, this is an extremely desirable sword in outstanding condition.

Our price…$950

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Original Nazi Luftwaffe Sports Shirt Patch

This is a very fine larger patch with the black embroidered Luftwaffe eagle/swastika on the white cloth patch. This patch measures about 6" x 11" overall. This untrimmed patch has no holes or tears. A great display item for your collection!

Our price...$45

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