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Nazi Army Officer's Dagger by Alcoso with Hangers. This is an outstanding dagger with all nickeled fittings and featuring the desirable professionally engraved initials of the Army officer "K.H." on the crossguard. This dagger has a lovely dark orange celluloid grip with just a couple very short hairline cracks near the pommel.The matching nickeled scabbard is undented and has a nice dark age patina. The scabbard is missing the two throat screws which are easily replaced. The outstanding dagger blade bears the Alcoso trademark and has the original leather blade washer present. The blade was apparently coated years ago with a clear lacquer to preserve the blade's finish, with just some remnants of the clear lacquer still present. The lacquer remnants should come off easily without damaging the blade. Most of the blade's original cross-graining is still present. The dagger hangers feature working clip springs with the straps showing some typical wear on the inner lining where it rubbed against the officer's tunic...$400. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi NSKOV Hat Insignia Badge. This is a nice example of the larger stamped metal hat badge featuring the RZM maker's code "M1/52" on the reverse side. The NSKOV was a Nazi social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans. Vertical mounting pin. This badge measures about 1 7/8" high...$45. SOLD

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Nazi SA Sports Badge in Bronze Stickpin. This is an outstanding original bronze stickpin with the badge section depicting the SA Sports Badge. This stickpin features a knurled "twisted pattern" pin. This stickpin would make a nice companion piece to your SA Sports Badge...$35. SOLD

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Nazi Political Leader's Tunic Belt Hook. This is a near excellent silver-finished belt hook featuring the eagle/swastika on a pebbled background. The hook is marked with the RZM marking and "UE82"...$25. SOLD

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Nazi DRL Sports Badge in Silver. This is a very fine example with almost all of the silver finish gone from the front, but some present on the reverse side. This badge bears the maker's marking "WERNSTEIN, JENA" with "D.R.G.M. 35269"...$85. SOLD

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Nazi General Assault Badge Stickpin. This is a near excellent example with a nicely-detailed miniature badge section on a knurled "twisted pattern" pin. This stickpin has a lovely silver finish and makes a nice companion piece for display with your full-size General Assault Badge...$35. SOLD

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Nazi NSKK Member's Stickpin Badge. This is a near excellent stickpin with the aluminum NSKK badge section featuring the RZM maker's code "M1/34". This stickpin features a knurled "twisted pattern" pin...$40. SOLD

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Nazi Panzer Assault Badge in Silver by Frank & Reif, Stuttgart. This is a nice example of the solid badge with a slightly convex front. This badge features a brass vertical mounting pin and hinge, with a brass catch that may have been a period replacement. This badge features the "FRANK& REIF, STUTTGART" maker's marking on the reverse side...$195. SOLD

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Nazi Mother's Cross in Bronze with Neck Ribbon. This is an excellent original Mother's Cross in bronze with outstanding blue-white-black enamel work and an excellent neck ribbon...$65. SOLD

Nazi RADwJ Badge
Nazi RADwJ Badge
Nazi RADwJ Women's War Helper's Badge. This silver-finished metal badge features a horizontal mounting pin on the reverse side. The badge rates fine...$45. SOLD

Nazi Lufwaffe Belt Buckle
Nazi Luftwaffe Belt Buckle
Nazi Luftwaffe EM Belt Buckle. This is a very nice steel belt buckle with most of the original dark grey paint finish still present. No dents to the steel buckle body...$95. SOLD

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Original 1860's Bavarian "Raupenhelm" Crested Helmet Front Plate. This is a stamped brass "Wappen" (front plate) which was worn on the Bavarian crested helmet up to 1864, according to a militaria forum response I received. This item is in near excellent condition and features all four mounting prongs. The front plate measures about 3 7/8 inches high and has a convex shape. This item once belonged to a WWII German soldier's family...$95. SOLD

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Nazi Sports Association Patch. This is an excellent embroidered patch that features a Sports Association eagle/swastika emblem. The words "BEVO WUPPERTAL GES. GESCH" are embroidered below the eagle. Have two...$25 each. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe 2nd Model Dagger by Robert Klaas. This is a nice original dagger by the desirable maker Robert Klaas. This dagger features an ivory-colored grip with one hairline crack and tight twisted aluminum wire grip wrap. The full-length steel blade is unsharpened but shows some surface rust spots from long-term storage within the scabbard. The blade features the Robert Klaas "kissing cranes" logo. The undented pebbled steel scabbard with aluminum ring bands rates very fine with both original throat screws present. The original leather blade washer is also present. This is a nice example recently found during a house "clean-out"...$395. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

Nazi Wound Badge
Nazi Wound Badge
Nazi Silver Wound Badge. This is an outstanding solid unmarked variety with brass mounting pin and hinge pin...$65. SOLD

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Nazi Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon. This is an outstanding near excellent Iron Cross that appears to be unissued. This high quality Iron Cross features 99% of its original black paint finish on the iron center with the silver frame. The excellent original ribbon measures about 5 3/4" and has never been mounted on the medal. The ribbon ring is unmarked...$110. SOLD

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Nazi Army M42 Helmet with Liner and Partial Chinstrap. This is a very nice larger M42 helmet with almost all the original dark green combat paint finish still present on the undented steel helmet shell. The helmet shell is marked "EF68" and "1766" inside the helmet skirt. The original leather liner shows some wear with one "finger" split off but present. The original liner drawstring is present. The chinstrap is partially present with the longer strap missing the tip end. The leather liner is marked "61" and has the G.I.'s name and initials marked inside...$375. SOLD

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Original Photos of Hitler Youth, etc. This set includes a great original photo of two Hitler Youth in uniform with one having a backpack. The Hitler Youth photo was removed from a scrapbook and has a scrapbook page remnant attached to the reverse side. The other two photos also have scrapbook page paper remnants as well as clear tape on the reverse sides...$15 set. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe Sports Shirt Eagle Patch. This is an outstanding larger embroidered patch featuring the Luftwaffe eagle/swastika embroidered onto a white patch. The patch measures about 6" x 10 1/2" and makes a nice display item...$40. SOLD

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Nazi Army Dagger by Eickhorn. This is an outstanding example with a stunning deep orange celluloid grip that is near perfect. The lovely blade is near excellent with the earlier dark etched Eickhorn "squirrel" logo. The blade shows almost all of its original cross-graining with a nice needle-tip to the blade end. The outstanding crossguard eagle/swastika is the earlier type. All the silvered fittings have nice age patina. The undented pebbled scabbard has patina and age spots on the silvered finish. This dagger was recently found in a house "clean-out" and I am pricing it to sell...$495. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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