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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.

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Original Nazi Relics
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Nazi Ribbon Bar and Imperial German Ribbon Bar. These are two original ribbon bars, both featuring metal devices. Each ribbon bar shows some soiling but no significant fraying or damage. Both have horizontal mounting pins on the reverse side...$45 set. SOLD

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Original 1940 German Edition of "Mein Kampf". This is a classic example of the blue hard-cover 1940 edition of "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. This example rates fine with near excellent pages, and blue hard-covers with a crease on the back cover...$150. SOLD

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Nazi Insignia plus WWII-Era U.S. Army Marksman's Badge. This is a grouping of four items consisting of a Nazi Army visor hat eagle with RZM markings but missing prongs, a Nazi Police visor hat eagle missing prongs, a Nazi 1942 police donation badge, and a WWII-era U.S. Army Marksman's Badge marked "STERLING"...$50 grouping. SOLD

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Original Unopened Bar of SS Soap. This is a near excellent unopened bar of soap still wrapped in its waxed paper wrapper. The wrapper is marked "SS-Packung" on one side, and has the Prague maker's name on the other side. Interesting and original SS item for your display...$95. SOLD

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Original Pre-1945 Nazi Relics. This grouping consists of two Nazi Army visor hat eagles (missing prongs), RAD cap badge (missing mounting pin parts), a "Wir Opfern" badge, a WHW 1934-35 donation badge, a 1942 Police donation badge, and a cloth cap cockade patch...$45 group. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe Flak Helper's Patches. These are three embroidered flak helper patches, each appears to have been removed from a tunic. All are in fine condition with the edges folded over. Have three...$19 each. SOLD OUT

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Nazi 1937 Reichsparteitag Tinnie Badge and 1936 Deutsches Jugendfest Tinnie Badge. This is a set of two badges, one being of grey metal and the other stamped steel. Both have their mounting pins present...$25 set. SOLD

Nazi Saar Tinnie
Nazi Saar Tinnie
Nazi SAAR Tinnie Badge. This is a scarce brass badge declaring that "Our Children Remain German". The reverse side features a brass horizontal mounting pin that is missing the catch end...$18. SOLD

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Nazi Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband. This is a near excellent yellow armband with embroidered black lettering. This armband has the ends machine-sewn together...$45. SOLD

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Nazi Deutsche Jungvolk Belt Buckle. This is a very nice original belt buckle featuring a nickeled finish on the brass base, with the DJ "rune" left un-nickeled. The buckle's reverse side features both an "RZM" marking and a "KH23" marking...$150. SOLD

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Nazi Marksman Lanyard Shield and WHW Donation Pin. This is a set of two different original items. The first item is an aluminum shield device that belongs on an Army Marksman's Lanyard. The shield has all three mounting prongs present. The second item is a plastic "REICHSKRIEGSFLAGGE" with pin back which was given to Germans who contributed to the annual Winterhilfswerk (WHW) fund-raising drive...$35 set. SOLD

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Nazi Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband with "Luftgau 14" Inkstamp. This is a near excellent yellow armband with black embroidered lettering. This armband features an eagle/swastika ink stamp for Luftgau 14. The armband ends are machine-stitched together...$45. SOLD

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Nazi 25-Year Faithful Service Medal. This is a nice original silver-finished medal that shows some honest wear. The deep blue ribbed ribbon has no holes or tears but shows some soiling...$45. SOLD

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Nazi / Imperial German Relics. This group came together in a purchase I recently made. Included in this grouping are a matched pair of NCO slip-on shoulder straps that show soiling (should clean up somewhat), a Veterans' Association metal breast eagle and hat eagle (missing catch on breast eagle and missing prongs on hat eagle), an Imperial German tunic button, a swastika stickpin of unknown origin, and an Imperial German badge...$55 group. SOLD

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Nazi Silver Infantry Assault Badge with Inscriptions. This is a historically interesting badge in that the German Infantryman scratched on the badge his name "W. HAUPTMEIER" and the date "22.6.41" along with "RUSSLAND 1941". That date June 22, 1941 is important as the date Hitler ordered the start of Operation Barbarossa, which was the land invasion of the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa was the largest German military operation of World War II. This badge is extremely fine with a vertical nickel mounting pin. Worthy of further research which I haven't done...$120. SOLD

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Nazi Police Visor Hat Insignia. This is a very nice maker-marked stamped metal badge with both brass mounting prongs present. This badge measures about 1 3/4" high with a wingspan of about 2 1/4"...$35. SOLD

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Nazi Army Sports Shirt Eagle/Swastika Patch. This is an extremely fine larger embroidered patch for the white sports shirt. This patch measures about 5 3/4 inches high by 11 inches wide. The patch has no holes or tears, just a few small age stains...$45. SOLD

Nazi SA Dagger by F. Dick
Nazi SA Dagger by F. Dick
Nazi SA Dagger by F. Dick
Nazi SA Dagger by F. Dick. This is a nice original example of the earlier SA dagger with all nickel fittings and brown anodized scabbard. This dagger features a full-length blade having no rust or pitting with the "Alles fur Deutschland" acid-etched motto and the maker's logo for the F. Dick firm of Esslingen. The deep brown wood grip features a nickel eagle/swastika emblem inset and an SA rune button with unchipped enamel work. The dagger crossguard is Gau-marked "Wm" (Westmark). The wood grip does have a few typical surface dings and a chip and hairline crack on the reverse side by the pommel end. The scabbard retains most of its brown anodized finish with a depression dent on the scabbard body. The bottom scabbard ball is flattened which is typical of SA daggers. All four original scabbard screws are present...$400. SOLD

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Nazi NSDAP Party Pin with Lapel Button Hole Device. This is an outstanding example of the earlier enameled NSDAP Party Pin featuring the scarcer lapel button hole device. This party pin is maker-coded "RZM M/1/34" (Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen maker)...$95. SOLD

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Nazi NSDAP Party Program Booklet. This very fine historic early 1930's booklet featuring a striking red-white-black cover. The booklet's contents include an outline of the policies and programs of the National Socialist Party. It also includes a list of National Socialists who lost their lives for the cause in 1930/31. The booklet also includes a membership form for joining the Nazi party. The back cover has an ad for the SA. This booklet is 14 pages plus the cover, and it measures about 5 7/8" x 8 7/8". Nice display item...$45. SOLD

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