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Nazi "RBD" Membership Badge. This is a near excellent antiqued silver finish metal badge for the RDB (Reichshbund der Deutschen Beamten) which was the Reich Federation of German Civil Servants. This badge features an RZM M1/63 maker's code on the reverse side. The badge measures about 7/8" wide...$35. SOLD

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Adolf Hitler Picture Postcard by Hoffmann. This is an outstanding near excellent unused picture postcard featuring a striking photo portrait of Hitler with the title "REICHSKANZLER ADOLF HITLER"...$30. SOLD

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Nazi "Krim" Campaign Arm Shield. This bronze arm shield shows nice detail and would rate extremely fine except the mounting prongs are missing from the reverse side. Otherwise, it is a very nice example...$95. SOLD

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Nazi War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords. This is an excellent original example with the desirable bronze metal cross and excellent ribbon...$45. SOLD

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Nazi Black Wound Badge. This is an outstanding near excellent black wound badge with almost all of its original glossy black paint finish still present. This badge has the maker's marking "EH" on the reverse side...$50. SOLD

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Nazi 1936 Sachsen Tinnie Badge by Wachtler & Lange. This is an outstanding aluminum badge with the pinwheel swastika superimposed over a sword with the surrounding legend "GAUAPPELL 1936 SACHSEN". The reverse side features the dates "20-21. JUNI 1936" and maker's marking...$40. SOLD

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Nazi Railway Protection Police EM Overseas Cap. This is an outstanding overseas cap constructed of blue/grey wool with light grey piping and a smooth satin blue cloth inner lining. The cap front features an embroidered Railway eaglw/swastika patch and a separate embroidered cockade patch. The inner lining features a stamped size marking "57" along with an RB issue number and the date "1943". This cap shows very little wear and has a few light stains and the piping has some moth nips. A great looking cap...$270. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Luftwaffe EM Overseas Cap. This is an extremely fine example with a blue/grey wool body and featuring twisted burnt orange-colored piping. The Lufwaffe eagle/swastika patch is sewn onto the cap front. The cap body and lining have no significant problems. The lining is lightly soiled from wear and is unmarked. There is a small cloth size patch "32" sewn onto the inner lining...$275. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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"Mein Kampf" 1939 Edition Presented for Community Service by the Mayor of Mannheim. This is a near excellent "white hard-cover" edition of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. This presentation edition features a gold-embossed city seal of Mannheim on the cover. Inside the front cover is a dedication page with facsimile signature of the "Oberburgermeister der Stadt Mannheim"...$195. SOLD

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Nazi NSDAP Eagle/Swastika Stickpin. This is an extremely fine original stickpin featuring the eagle/swastika on a knurled "twisted pattern" pin. The reverse side of the eagle/swastika bears the maker's RZM code marking...$35. SOLD

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Nazi Wehrmacht Eagle/Swastika Lapel Pin. This is a very nice metal eagle/swastika with a pin back. This lapel pin measures about 3/4 inch high...$25. SOLD

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Nazi War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords and Eastern Front Medal. This is a set of two nice original medals, each being later war issue. Both have original ribbons...$45 pair. SOLD

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Nazi Hitler Youth Knife by Puma with Transitional Markings. This is a very fine example of the desirable "transitional" Hitler Youth knife that features both the Puma maker's logo on the blade and the "RZM M7/27 1939" maker's code on the blade ricasso. Very nice blade with no significant edge nicks or dings. Near excellent black checkered grip panels with a near excellent enameled Hitler Youth diamond-shaped insignia inset. The undented steel sheath retains about 80% of its original glossy black paint finish. The black leather belt loop and snap show typical age but are complete and functional...$325. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. SOLD

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Nazi Anti-British Propaganda Booklet. This booklet features striking artwork on the front cover with a bat and the word "Gift!" (poison!). This 32-page booklet was part of a series of such propaganda booklets published around 1942. This booklet rates fine with a couple small tears on the back cover...$25. SOLD

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Original 1933 Edition of "Die National-Versammlung von Potsdam" Soft-Cover Booklet. This is a fine 50-page booklet with dust cover with a title that roughly translates to "The National Meeting at Potsdam". I believe the book's subject relates to Hitler's meeting with von Hindenburg at Potsdam...$25. SOLD

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Original 1938 Edition of "Spionage Verrater Saboteur" Soft-Cover Book. This is a scarcer book in fine condition and featuring a 1938-dated ink-stamp marking on the front cover. This 64-page book contains mostly copy relating to the dangers of espionage and sabotage. The book's left edge has a two-hole binder punch...$35. SOLD

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Nazi 1933 Propaganda Booklet. This is a very fine booklet dated 1933 and featuring 32 pages of copy and illustrations relating to the street brawls between the National Socialists and the Communists in Germany...$25. SOLD

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Nazi K98 Rifle Muzzle Cover with WaA 63 Marking. This is a fine original blued steel muzzle cover with spring-hinged front piece. This is the desirable type featuring the Nazi waffenampt marking "63". The muzzle cover shows some use but rates fine. I've seen a Nazi K98 rifle muzzle cover with WaA 63 marking sell for $43 on a well-known auction website. My price...$38. SOLD

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Nazi RAD (?) NCO Shoulder Straps. This is a near excellent matched pair of sewn-in shoulder straps that, I believe, are for a RAD Labor Corps tunic (however, I'm not sure). Each shoulder strap features one metal rank pip and silver-aluminum bullion NCO tress on a dark brown strap with black piping...$48 pair. SOLD

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