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U.S. WWI Victory Medal with THREE Battle Clasps and Earlier Full-Wrap Brooch. This is a nice example with three battle clasps. This medal features the earlier "full-wrap" brooch that was used from about 1917 until about 1943. The medal ribbon shows typical wear on the edges and a couple very small pin holes but is still sound...$65. SOLD

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Vintage WWII-era U.S. I Corps Shoulder Patch. This is an excellent vintage "greenback style" patch with OD border...$10. SOLD

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WWI U.S. Soldier's Identification Bracelet. This is an outstanding bracelet with the center oval engraved with the soldier's name and serial number "1st Sgt. Rodney F. Sanford, 3677512 U.S.A.". The oval is stamped on the back "STERLING" with a maker's logo marking. The chain has connecting hooks and loop. I haven't researched this soldier's WWI service...$45. SOLD

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WWI-era 5th Infantry Division Silver Ring. This is an outstanding silver (marked 800) ring with the red enameled diamond-shaped insignia of the U.S. 5th Infantry Division on the front along with the black enameled inscription and date. The 5th Infantry Division participated in the St. Mihiel, Alsace, Lorraine and Meuse-Argonne campaigns...$65. SOLD

"USAAF Type A-10 Oxygen Mask"
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WWII USAAF Type A-10 Oxygen Mask. This is an extremely fine plus example with supple green rubber mask and tubing. This mask is marked "STANDARD SIZE" and bears the manufacture date "4-43". All the OD web cloth straps are near excellent. The front wire has detached from one of the two small rubber tabs (both tabs are present). This mask comes with an attached War Department paper tag entitled "SERVICEABLE PART TAG" that is signed by a Staff Sergeant inspector and dated "1-1-45"...$175. SOLD

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WWII Aircraft Warning Service Sweetheart Pin with Miniature Aviation Cadet Wing. This is a near excellent collectible "sweetheart" pin featuring a miniature USAAF Aviation Cadet wing device with a gold-colored chain connecting it to a metal device with the initials "A.W.S.". The miniature wing is marked "STERLING" along with other metal content markings...$12. SOLD

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WWII Vintage U.S. Army 103rd Infantry Division Shoulder Patch and Private Purchase Ring. This is an outstanding set I just obtained from a WWII veteran's son. Both the embroidered patch and the enameled ring rate extremely fine. This is a nice set for the WWII collector, with the ring being a difficult item to find...$85 set. SOLD

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WWII USAAF AN-H-15 Summer Flying Helmet. This is a medium-size near excellent (appears unissued) USAAF flying helmet that features a khaki cotton shell, supple leather chin strap with chamois chin pad, black rubber earphones with no electronics, chamois earphone padding, leather-backed khaki cotton visor, and other leather straps with snaps. This type helmet was introduced in April 1943 as the replacement for the Type A-9 flying helmet and was used by both the Army and Navy. This helmet features a cloth manufacturer's tag for "Bates Shoe Co."...$75. SOLD

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Vintage (WWII-era?) U.S. II Corps Shoulder Patch. This is a very desirable near excellent shoulder patch with heavy red piping (artillery?) with the center blue-and-white II Corps patch embroidered onto an OD green border. I don't know much about these patches, but this one came with a small group of original WWII German and U.S. items that I recently purchased. I have been told that this is a very desirable patch...$150. SOLD

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WWII Vintage U.S. Army Medic's Red Cross Armband. This is an extremely fine heavy white cloth armband with separately sewn Red Cross emblem. The armband has unsewn ends with reinforcement folds on all four edges. The reverse side of the armband features a stamped inscription indicating this armband was issued by the Medical Department of the U.S. Army...$35. SOLD

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WWII-era U.S. Combat Infantryman's Badge. This is a fine example with the badge marked "STERLING" on the reverse side. Nice blue enamel panel on front. Both clasp fasteners present with each fastener also marked "STERLING"...$45. SOLD

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Vintage WWII U.S. Army 9th Infantry Division Shoulder Patch, Ring and Unusual Badge. This set was recently purchased from the son of a WWII veteran. The set consists of a WWII-era shoulder patch in near excellent condition, a very desirable WWII-era finger ring with an enameled 9th Infantry Division emblem, and an unusual (and very desirable) badge. The gold-finished metal badge features the 9th Infantry Division emblem, and depictions of an "SS" behind barbed wire along with a "smashed" swastika which symbolize the defeat of Nazi Germany. The badge is in near excellent condition and features a vertical mounting pin on back. I have never seen this particular badge before, and assume it is rather scarce...$95 set. SOLD

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Vintage 1920's or early 1930's U.S. Distinctive Unit Insignia. This is a matched pair of scarcer insignia used either by the 45th Infantry Division or the New Mexico Col of A & M ROTC (I'm not sure which) until the Native American swastika design was deemed "inappropriate" due to the use of the swastika symbol by the Nazi Party of Germany. One of the two DUI rates extremely fine, with the other showing major chipping to the enamel work. Both have their original screw-on nuts...$65 pair. SOLD

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Vintage 101st Airborne Shoulder Patch with Tab. This embroidered patch and tab was purchased with a grouping of WWII relics. I'm not sure when this patch and tab were manufactured, as I don't specialize in U.S. patches. Extremely fine set...$35 set. SOLD

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Early WWII U.S. Paratrooper EM Overseas Cap. This vintage early WWII overseas cap features a circular paratrooper patch machine-sewn onto the khaki cloth cap. The cap features light red-and-white piping and has the original paratrooper's name in ink on the inside cloth sweatband. The cap is a smaller size and has a couple staple or pin holes but no mothing...$35. SOLD

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Scarcer WWII-era China-Burma-India Shoulder Patch with Snaps. This is a near excellent embroidered multi-piece patch (possibly theatre-made?) with a light khaki cloth backing material having three metal "snaps" hand-sewn onto the backing. This WWII-era patch doesn't glow under the blacklight...$35. SOLD

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WWII-Era U.S. Army Sharpshooter Qualification Badge with Two Bars. This is a near excellent WWII-era badge marked "STERLING" on the back. The badge has both the "PISTOL-D" and "CARBINE" bars. This is an outstanding earlier "pin-back" badge...$20. SOLD

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Earlier Vintage U.S. Army "Crossed Rifles" Insignia. This is the LARGER brass insignia having a lovely age patina to the finish. This earlier vintage LARGER insignia measures about 2 1/2 inches across and features the desirable horizontal mounting pin on back. Near excellent condition. I haven't researched the unit history of this insignia...$30. SOLD

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Vintage WWII-Era New York National Guard Recruiting Medal. This is a near excellent example of this full-size medal with brilliant colors to the ribbon...$10. SOLD

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WWII USAAF Aviation Cadet's Insignia. This is a set of two USAAF aviation cadet pin-back badges with each measuring about 1 3/4 inches wide. The top badge is silver-finished, while the bottom badge is gold-finished. Both badges are marked "STERLING"...$19. SOLD

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Vintage Badges, Rank Insignia, etc. with Precious Metal Markings. This is a nice grouping of 13 vintage items, each marked with either "STERLING" or some other precious metal marking. The smallest badge (upper right in photo above) is marked "14K". All except one badge has its mounting pin present...$50 group. SOLD

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WWII-Era Red Cross "SERVICE" Badge. This is a near excellent high quality brass badge with lovely red/white/blue enamel work. The badge measures about 1" high and features a horizontal mounting pin on back...$15. SOLD

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WWII American Red Cross Member's Badge. This is a lovely enameled multi-piece badge with a horizontal mounting pin on back. The rotating lock on the catch is missing...$10. SOLD

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Vintage Brass Military Whistle by Horstmann with Chain. This is a very fine well-made vintage brass military whistle in working order. The whistle is maker-marked "HORSTMANN, PHILA.". A brass chain with hook is attached to the whistle...$35. SOLD

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Early U.S. Artillerymen Glider Cap Patch plus Other Patches. This is a nice selection of vintage patches I recently acquired with other old militaria. Included in this grouping is a very desirable earlier vintage U.S. Artillerymen glider cap patch...$75 group. SOLD

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WWII U.S. Army 13th Airborne Division Shoulder Patch with Attached Tab. This is a near excellent example with the "cut edge" and having the distinctive "snowy back" pattern. This patch features the OD insert with the attached "AIRBORNE" tab. The patch does not glow under the blacklight...$20. SOLD

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