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Vintage U.S. Military Patches. This is a set of three U.S. military patches. I'm not sure of their exact vintage, but they appear to be older...$20 set. SOLD

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WWII U.S. "Ruptured Duck" Patch and Lapel Button. This is a set of a WWII U.S. Honorable Service Lapel button and patch, nicknamed the "Ruptured Duck" button. The patch appears to have been removed from a uniform...$15 set. SOLD

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WWII G.I.s "North Africa" Souvenir Theatre-Made Finger Ring

This is an outstanding and historic theatre-made heavy brass finger ring with most of its original silver finish still present. The ring's rectangular front bears the raised inscription "NORTH AFRICA 1943". Great souvenir of the North African campaign against Rommel.

Our price…$25

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Vintage U.S. Army Collar Disk Grouping. This is a very nice set of five vintage U.S. Army collar disks. Each comes with its circular disk fastener nut...$30 group. SOLD

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Original WWII U.S. Officer's Visor Hat by Bancroft

This is an outstanding original WWII visor hat with no mothing on the near excellent chocolate brown wool body and dark green hat band. The front has an excellent gold-gilt U.S. eagle and an excellent polished brown leather chin strap. The polished brown leather visor is near excellent. The complete supple ventilated leather sweatband is complete and near excellent. The entire clear sweat shield is present under which is the paper maker's tag that is complete but loose. Just some wear spots on the inner lining edge. A beauty…$110. SOLD

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Original WWII U.S. Fighting Knife by E.G. Waterman & Co.

This is a nice original example of the desirable fighting/utility knife carried by U.S. troops during WWII. This example features a 5 1/8" polished steel blade with a bottle opener indent. The handle is constructed of stacked leather washers, and the pommel features a lanyard ring. The leather sheath is complete and supple but is missing some stitching. The blade ricasso is marked "E G W KNIFE". The E.G. Waterman & Co. knives are referenced in the book "Knives of the United States Military World War II" by Michael W. Silvey (see pages 114-115)…$75. SOLD

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WWI U.S. Army Helmet with "Big Red One" Painted Insignia. This is an extremely fine helmet with an outstanding original large painted front insignia for the 1st Infantry Division. This helmet has almost all of its original dark green painted finish which incorporates a rough non-reflective texture. There are no significant dents or dings to the helmet shell. The interior features the top pad of the liner and some of the original chinstrap present...$150. SOLD

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U.S. WWII M1 Garand 10 inch Bayonet by American Fork & Hoe with Scabbard

This is a very fine original U.S. M1 bayonet with an original (not cut-down) 10 inch blade for the M1 Garand rifle. This bayonet is similar to the earlier M1905 / M1942 bayonet, but with the 10 inch blade instead of 16 inches. The blade has most of its original parkerized finish and just a couple edge dings on the unsharpened blade. The black ribbed plastic grip panels rate near excellent. The blade ricasso is maker-marked "AFH" (American Fork & Hoe) with the ordnance U.S. "flaming ball" marking. This bayonet comes with its fine correct WWII Issue M7 fiberglass scabbard. The scabbard has a darker green overpaint finish that rates about 60%. The scabbard metal throat fitting is also marked with the U.S. "flaming ball" marking.

Our price…$185

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WWII USAAF 3" Aircrew Wings by Amico with Sterling Clutchbacks

This is an outstanding full-sized 3" wing marked "AMICO STERLING", with both clutchback fasteners marked "STERLING" with patent numbers. Nice age patina to this desirable 3" wing.

Our price…$65

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U.S. WWII M1942 Garand 16" Bayonet Dated 1942 by Oneida Limited

This is a very fine and scarcer US bayonet with the original full-length 16" unsharpened steel blade with no significant problems, and having much of its original parkerized finish under the hardened grease (I haven't cleaned the bayonet blade). The blade ricasso features the Ordnance "flaming ball" marking, along with "U.S. 1942" and "OL". There is a "flaming ball" marking on the crossguard. The black plastic grooved grip panels rate near excellent with just a few small dings. This bayonet comes with its original WWII Issue M3 fiberglass scabbard in near excellent condition with the "flaming ball" marking on the metal throat fitting. Almost 100% of the OD green paint finish is still present on the fibreglass scabbard body. A "BN" marking appears on the underside of the metal throat lip indicating manufacture by Beckwith Manufacturing, with the "N" for New England Pressed Steel, which made the steel throat fitting.

Our price…$285

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WWII USAAF "Blood Chit" in Russian

This is an extremely fine heavy smooth cloth "blood chit" carried by USAAF pilots during WWII in case they were downed behind Russian lines. This item would be displayed to Soviet troops declaring that the person was an American aviator. This item measures about 7" x 9 3/8".

Our price...$65

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WWI U.S. 1917 Mess Kit Knife

This is a fine original mess kit knife featuring a steel blade with a heavy aluminum handle marked "U.S." and "A.C. Co 1917". This mess kit knife measures about 7 1/4" long.

Our price…$19

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WWII USAAF 3" Glider Pilot Wing and WWII Shoulder Patch

This is an outstanding set with the very desirable and scarcer full-size 3" Glider Pilot Wing with the horizontal pin back. The wing is marked "STERLING" and comes with an original USAAF WWII shoulder patch.

Our price…$190 set

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2/3 Size WWII USAAF Aerial Gunner Wings. This is a near excellent badge that is marked "STERLING" on the reverse side. Horizontal pin back. This badge measures about 2 inch wingspan...$25. SOLD

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Vintage WWII Era U.S. Distinctive Unit Insignia Badges. This is an outstanding grouping of five similar enameled DUI badges. Four badges are pin-back, and the fifth one has a threaded post with circular disk attachment. Four of the five are maker-marked "N.S. MEYER INC. NEW YORK". I don't know what unit these badges represent. My price...$20 set. SOLD

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